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Our Story: We are long-time friends, always living in opposite corners of the country…until our paths *literally* crossed early-pandemic. We’ve always connected and bonded over our mutual love of food, entertainment, adventure and travel. We got engaged on the top of Solitude Mountain in 2021…real romantics.


The Pizza Story: After a series of *seemingly* unfortunate events, we decided it was time to make a change, take a chance, and follow a dream that we have long shared – as individuals and as a couple. We quit our healthcare jobs and decided it was time to create a business that allowed us to do what we do best: make good food, be together, bring people together, and travel while we’re at it. So, we purchased a mobile wood fired pizza trailer and took the leap.  First stop: Maupin, OR summer 2022 (a special spot in Will’s heart). 

The Don Story: I said we were romantics. The Don Pizza Co. is named in honor of Dr. Don Dewar, Katie’s father, who prematurely left this world in March 2019. He was the kind of man that legacies were meant for…this is our way of thanking, loving, honoring, remembering, and making him proud. *Anchovies included*

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